Fifteen Things That Happen When Knitters Get Together

This particular article covers the Vogue Knitting Convention, sponsored by the Vogue Knitting magazine, which took place in the Manhattan Marriot on a long weekend some years ago. The first event took place in Chicago and was followed by a second one in Seattle and, to put it briefly, squeezed the entire knitting community under … Read more

Scientists Finally Tells Us How Cats Want To Be Petted

Have you ever wondered why you get one response from your cat when you pet it, and teeth, claws and hisses when you pet it another way? Turns out there is a difference in the way we should pet our cats, and a very definite way that the cat likes to be petted and not … Read more


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How NOT To Approach A Photograper If You’re An ‘Influencer’

There will always be people who are happy to take advantage of others, and this is very true when it comes to photography. Justin Rosenberg lets us see a few texts from well known people who just thought that they could ‘get for free’. It is absolutely awful that the people who impose on photographers … Read more