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    Piers Morgan Loses It With ‘Dating Expert’ For British Women Comments

    Firebrand co-host of Good Morning Britain, Piers Morgan, had some choice words today during an interview.

    Richard La Ruina, a self-proclaimed dating guru, appeared on the ITV breakfast show to be grilled by Morgan and co-presenter Susana Reid, over previous comments about how women in the UK are ugly, fat and too self-entitled – he also says the best women in the world are from Eastern Europe.

    This seemed to rile Piers up, who labelled the so-called dating expert a ‘d*ck’, live on TV – causing me to spit out my green tea and say to myself ‘did he just say what I think he did?’.

    Check out the interview below:

    As La Ruina was defending his rather jaded views on women to the Good Morning Britainpanel, Morgan – who has a few outdated views himself – interjected himself into the discussion in the most ‘Piers-like’ manner possible.

    He brazenly asked La Ruina:

    You’re a d*ck, aren’t you?

    Well you are, your name’s Richard, literally, sorry I didn’t mean anything by that I mean your name’s Richard.

    You are literally a d*ck.

    Piers Morgan Loses it With Dating Expert For British Women Comments dating5

    Damn Piers, tell him how you really feel!

    This comes off the back of La Ruina, who now lives in Moscow with his mum and Russian wife, saying:

    British women are very famous for moaning, complaining all the time.

    They just ask a lot but give very little in return.

    Piers Morgan Loses it With Dating Expert For British Women Comments dating1

    On the show, the ‘dating guru’ went on to say you do find beautiful women in the UK, but they always tend to be from other countries – whereas if you went to Russia, or any other Eastern European country, they are all natives.

    He also stated he was very successful with dating British women before he went travelling across the world in 2009, (like a middle-class backpacker trying to ‘find himself’).

    Afterwards he met his Russian wife and settled down in the land of hardcore communism.

    However, Piers wasn’t impressed and called him out saying:

    You’ve got no respect for English women, you have zero respect for English women, you’re a repulsive individual.

    I think you are right to seek your future in Russia because your chances of getting sex in this country is zero.

    Piers Morgan Loses it With Dating Expert For British Women Comments dating3

    Viewers were quick to take to Twitter to praise him for putting La Ruina on blast. One viewer wrote:

    Oh my God, Piers Morgan on Good Morning Britain calling that man a d*ck has just made my day!

    Another fan was ‘so happy’ when the opinionated host ‘called him a d*ck’.

    Me and Piers differ on so many things; our opinions on Donald Trump, the idea of not conforming to gender labels and the love of our beloved Arsenal FC.

    However, this is one those ‘rare’ occasions where I’m on his side.

    Expect to see hell freezing over and pigs flying in the sky today.

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    Mum Complains Of Pontins ‘Holiday From Hell’ After Paying With S*n Coupons

    A family who booked a holiday at Pontins with coupons from the S*n said they were forced to cut their trip short after their “prison camp” chalet made the mini-break unbearable.

    Chelle Barton, 35, from Wakefield, claims freezing cold wind and rain poured into the chalet thanks to a gaping hole in the front door, leaving them shivering and unable to sleep.

    The family had booked their trip through the S*n, which offers a £9.50 holiday scheme to readers.

    Despite paying a grand total of £57 for a three-day holiday at the family resort, the family said they were left bitterly disappointed by the quality of their bargain break.

    Chelle Barton with her partner Craig and children Keegan, 9, and Kiera, 12
    Chelle Barton with her partner Craig and children Keegan, nine, and Kiera, 12 (Image: Michelle Barton)

    They also claim they were told they had been placed in a “basic” chalet because that was the only accommodation the S*n was willing to cover under the holiday scheme.

    Chelle, her partner Craig and children Kiera, 12, and Keegan, 9, were disappointed by what they found when they arrived at the Southport resort on Saturday, November 4.

    Speaking to the ECHO, Chelle said: “We dumped our bags and went for a walk but it was only when we came back that we realised how grim it really was.

    “The floor was filthy, there was dried food in the fridge and dried noodles down the side of the cooker. There was burnt food on the side of the cooker that looked like it had been there for months.

    The family said they were disappointed to find the cooker was rusted and worn when they arrived at their Pontins chalet
    The family said they were disappointed to find the cooker was rusted and worn when they arrived at their Pontins chalet (Image: Michelle Barton)
    The family said the floor was "filthy" when they arrived for their £9 holiday
    The family said the floor was ‘filthy’ when they arrived for their £9 holiday (Image: Michelle Barton)
    Chelle claimed cold wind and rain came into the chalet through this hole in the front door
    Chelle claimed cold wind and rain came into the chalet through this hole in the front door (Image: Michelle Barton)

    “The toilet didn’t flush. There was a gap in the door where you could see the daylight through – it was letting a draft in. We were absolutely freezing.”

    She said her children branded the holiday resort a “prison camp” and complained of being cold during their November holiday.

    Chelle also claims the family walked past “a load of empty chalets that looked nicer” but were told by a member of Pontins staff that worse accommodation was reserved for S*n holiday customers.

    A member of staff did offer to upgrade the family to a better chalet, but Chelle said they “couldn’t bear the thought of staying there another night”.

    Cutting their holiday short after one night, the family paid a visit to Anfield as a treat
    Cutting their holiday short after one night, the family paid a visit to Anfield as a treat (Image: Michelle Barton)

    Cutting their mini-break short after just one night, Chelle and her partner took the children into Liverpool for a treat, including a trip to Anfield.

    Earlier this year, Liverpool banned the S*n from their stadium over the newspaper’s notorious coverage of the Hillsborough disaster, in which 96 Liverpool supporters were unlawfully killed.

    Chelle has since emailed the S*n to make a complaint and was asked to fill out a contact form.

    A spokesperson for Pontins Southport said: “We were disappointed to hear of Ms Barton’s experience at our Southport site. We thank her for bringing it to our attention so that we can ensure our service lives up to the standards our customers expect in future.”

    A S*n spokesman said: “Our £9.50 holidays include basic accommodation and that is made clear throughout the booking process – during which it is also possible to upgrade to other classes of accommodation. We do also ask guests to bring their own bed linen.

    “All this said, we take every complaint seriously and we have a dedicated telephone line set up for queries and questions about our holidays. We will of course be working with the management at this particular resort to ensure that all families enjoying our holidays in future are able to have the relaxing break they deserve.”

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    Tesco Worker Picks Nose And ‘Brushes It Off On Mum’s Groceries’ As Supermarket Says Sorry With £10 Voucher

    A mum-of-two was disgusted after she says a Tesco checkout worker picked his nose and “brushed it off” on her shopping.

    Zoe Balding, 44, said she was stunned when the staff member stopped scanning her shopping and “stuck his finger up his nose”.

    She claims the “unhygienic” worker then looked at his finger, “brushed it off” and continued scanning her items.

    As she paid, Mrs Balding said, the man handed her change back with the same hand.

    Tesco has now apologised after she filed a complaint, but she isn’t satisfied with the way it was handled by staff in store, Kent Live reports.

    Mrs Balding was stunned when the worker “stuck his finger up his nose” (Image: Kent Live/BPM MEDIA)
    Mrs Balding said her young children were with her when the incident happened at the Tesco in Pembury, Kent, on the afternoon of August 29.

    The mother, of Tunbridge Wells, Kent, said: “I found it disgusting. Anyone who is willing to pick their nose and give it to the customer – what does that say about hygiene in the store?

    “He stopped scanning our items and stuck his finger up his nose. I just sort of stood there and stared in shock.

    “He then pulled his finger down, looked at what was there and then brushed it off.

    “I handed over my money and he gave me my change back with the same hand.”

    Tesco says it has spoken to the staff member in question (file photo) (Image: Getty)

    Mrs Balding did not say anything to the worker, but immediately went to the customer services desk and raised a complaint.

    She said that the duty manager seemed “horrified” by the complaint and he said he would deal with it – but she still decided to raise a complaint with the Tesco head office.

    Mrs Balding added: “I just thought it was possibly part of a bigger problem.

    “The reason we choose to shop at Tesco is that they give children a free piece of fruit when they enter – what if someone had been to the toilet and not washed their hands before putting it out?”

    Mrs Balding said that the customer services worker she spoke to on the phone “empathised” with her complaint, and offered her a voucher as a goodwill gesture.

    She added: “That was not going to encourage me to go back to Tesco – but her manager came back and said he thinks my complaint was only worth a £10 voucher.

    “That just shows what they think of my complaint – all it would have taken was an assurance that they have taken my complaint seriously and spoken to members of staff about hygiene.

    “I think it’s shoddy customer service.”

    A Tesco spokesman said: “This incident is not typical of the high quality service that we expect so we have spoken to our colleague to remind him of his responsibilities.

    “We have apologised to Zoe, offered her a gesture of goodwill, and hope to see her in store again soon.”

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    If You See This Coat Hook In A Toilet Or Changing Room, Leave Straight Away

    Unless you actually need to hang up your coat, when you use a shared toilet you probably don’t give a single thought to the hook on the back of the door.

    But if you see one that looks like this, leave immediately and report it to the police.

    It looks like a regular coat hook and is readily available to buy online on sites like Amazon.

    But this particular hook contains a hidden camera – which you can see on closer inspection.

    And last year a police force in Florida warned that the hooks with tiny cameras inside them were being attached to walls in women’s public toilets, including one at a beach.

    The ‘spy camera coat hooks’ film through a small hole at the top of the plastic. Reviews of the hooks online say the video produced is good quality, with one reviewer suggesting it was a “great way to check on the babysitter when you’re not home”.

    (Image: Amazon)
    (Image: Amazon)

    Whoever has placed the hook can download anything it has filmed to their computer, as The Mirror reports .

    At the time it issued a warning last year, police in the Florida Keys said: “Anyone who has a public restroom on their property needs to check them closely.

    “If you find anything suspicious you think might contain a hidden camera, don’t touch it. Call us right away and we will respond.

    “Keep in mind, though, that these are very small cameras that can be mounted in many locations and hidden in many seemingly every-day items.”

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    British Jihadis ‘Could Jump Queue For Council Houses And Get Help Finding Jobs’

    British jihadis suspected of fighting in Syria could be offered help with finding jobs and counselling, it has been reported.

    A Government strategy named Operation Constrain could see extremists jump the queue for council houses , according to the Mail on Sunday (MoS).

    The newspaper said it has seen official documents which show up to 20,000 fanatics previously investigated by the security services, will be targeted to persuade them to reject violence.

    Some of these ISIS fighters in Syria are believed to be from Britain

    According to the MoS the Home Office, police and local authorities have drawn up the plans, which will start next year, and could see suspects visited by MI5 and counter-terror officers.

    A panel would then decide on what interventions would work for the individual – this could include help with housing, finding work or getting education, and referrals for any mental health issues, the newspaper reports.

    A Home Office spokesman said the Government is “committed to doing everything possible to protect our communities from the threat of terrorism “.

    Jihadi John was killed by a drone strike
    ISIS killer Jihadi John was killed by a drone strike

    “To respond to this threat, it is vital that we use all the means at our collective disposal to divert people away from terrorist-related activity and we are exploring the best ways of doing this with our partners,” he added.

    “We are also reviewing our counter terrorism strategy to make sure we respond to the evolving threat in the most effective way we can, both now and in the future.”

    A report released this week said Britain has one of the largest populations of returning fighters and others who travelled to join Islamic State.

    Both these ISIS fighters hiding their faces with gas masks in Syria are thought to be British citizens(Image: Internet Unknown)
    Around 850 UK-linked individuals “of national security concern” made the journey to engage with the conflict in Syria, with just under half of those believed to have returned.The likes of Sally Jones, known as the White Widow, and Mohammed Emwazi, who was called Jihadi John were killed during the conflict.

    ‘White Widow’ Sally Jones died in Syria while ‘Jihadi Jack’ denies he is a fighter with ISIS

    Jihadi John killed several western hostages in Syria including Scottish aid worker David Haines who was beheaded in 2014.

    Yesterday we told how Jihadi Jack , a 21-year-old from Oxford called Jack Letts, had been captured by Kurdish forces while in Syria and was hoping to return home.

    The former ISIS stronghold of Raqqa is now in ruins and their fighters have fled with many expected to return to Britain (Image: REUTERS)

    He would join approximately 425 other returnees which is the fourth highest for individual nations in an analysis published by the Soufan Centre and the Global Strategy Network.

    Meanwhile, a Briton fighting against the murderous ISIS terror group has warned that letting jihadis return to the UK is like “inviting the wolf to dinner”.

    Having battled the extremists for the past three years alongside Syrian Democratic Forces, Macer Gifford said there was a “real risk” those returning could carry out terror attacks.

    Earlier this month Max Hill QC spoke of “losing a generation” by automatically using the courts to punish those who have travelled to the war zone, with the independent reviewer of terrorism legislation calling for a focus on “reintegration”.

    Macer Gifford said letting IS jihadis return to the UK is like “inviting the wolf to dinner”. (Image: PA)

    But Mr Gifford, 30, from Cambridge, has issued a plea to the Government to sit up and listen as he states it is not possible for former IS fighters to come back and be reformed.

    He said: “As someone who has been out here and seen what the Islamic State is like on the ground and what they have done to the people – this is a wake up call and a warning to Britain.

    Internet pic shows: David Haines the aid worker being held by ISIL in Syria
    Scottish aid worker David Haines was killed by British ISIS extremist Jihadi John

    “When I see a man like this official who said he wants these young people back, when I see them saying this on national television – you are inviting the wolf to dinner.

    “You are inviting back into the country an insidious virus, that we are actually almost grateful to see go, because they have attacked us and in the places that mean the most to British people.

    “That is our children in Manchester and the very heart of our democracy in London Bridge.”

    ISIS fighters wave flags in Raqqa in 2014 but they have now fled and some are likely to head to Britain(Image: Reuters)

    Mr Gifford, a former London-based banker who worked in foreign exchange before heading to the Middle East, and who uses a pseudonym to protect his family, said the fanatics could not be trusted.

    “The foreign fighters are actually by far the worst, and the most aggressive, most deranged of all the Islamic State fighters,” he said.

    “They are the ones who have come from abroad and forced their twisted, perverse ideology on to the people. These are individuals who have had every opportunity to live a normal happy life in Britain, America, France and other places.

    “Yet they’ve basically spat in the face of everything that we hold dear – our democracy, our shared values of secularism and multiculturalism.

    “They have gone to Syria to butcher, murder and rape people, sell people into sexual slavery, and they tear up their passports as an act of defiance.”

    He said these battle-hardened jihadis, who are now being hunted by drones, are faced with the choice of dying or returning to the UK and riding out a prison sentence.

    “You can’t trust these people,” he said, highlighting how they would not want to come back to Britain if they had not lost.

    “Their concept of reality is way off, they can’t be reformed in my opinion. They are completely lost to us as human beings.”

    Jihadi John is thought to have murdered several westerners in ISIS propaganda videos

    Mr Gifford warned that those returning could carry out an attack on British soil as they look to “go out with more of an even bigger bang than dying in a ditch”.

    Currently in Syria and beginning the journey back to the UK now Raqqa has been liberated, Mr Gifford fought against IS in every major battle, and said he was motivated to do so because of their “butchery”.

    The combat medic admitted his concern over being detained once he touches down in Britain, and said an arrest for a terrorism offence on his record would be “terrible”.

    He said his focus is to see his family, rest and enjoy a “massive steak dinner”, before looking to try and build a hospital or school in northern Syria.

    Pressed on what life has been like fighting with the Kurdish militia (YPG) and the Syriac Military Council (MFS), he said it had been “incredibly hard”.

    SISfighters parade on military vehicles along the streets of Raqqa in 2014 (Image: REUTERS)

    With “poor food” and “terrible violence”, Mr Gifford said he “endured the life of a guerrilla fighter”.

    He revealed that meeting and fighting alongside others, such as fellow Briton Jac Holmes, 24, who was killed earlier this week, had been a “real honour”.

    Quizzed on his experiences, he said treating injured soldiers or seeing dead bodies in a variety of states was not something that particularly bothered him.

    “But what is the worst, is actually having a man who is alive who is injured and then dies – you see that whole progression,” he said.

    “I have had my hand on people’s chest feeling their heartbeat stop in my hand. It is literally horrifying to see a young man die because of war.”

    Mr Gifford also said he had seen a former IS prison where there were bloodstains on the walls and floor, and inside brothels where young Yazidi women were raped.

    “It is almost like I have glimpsed into hell by being here. I have seen everything,” he said.

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    The Tallest Elevator In The World Exists And It Will Scare You To Death

    If you haven’t come up with your travel plans this 2017 yet, you might want to include China on your list. Why? Because it happens to be home to the Bailong Elevator, the world’s tallest outdoor elevator located in Zhangjiajie, China.

    The Bailong Elevator is set against a cliff located in the Wulingyuan area of Zhangjiajie. When translated to English, the word ‘Bailong’ translates to “Hundred Dragons Elevator”.

    Construction of the structure started in 1999 and was finished right away in 2002. This was a surprise considering how large-scale the work had to be. The cost for building the elevator amounted to around 120 million yuan or about $17 million.

    The Bailong Elevator stands at 1070 feet high.
    Source: Top China Travel

    From the onset, the people behind Bailong Elevator marketed this tourist destination as the tallest outdoor elevator in the whole world. However, the Guinness Book of World Records only gave its ‘seal of approval’ in July 2015.

    We keep saying it’s the tallest there is, but just how tall is it really? Bailong Elevator stands at 1,070 feet or 330 meters in height! It’s taller than the Eiffel Tower which stands only at 984 feet.

    Also known as the Hundred Dragons Elevator, the Bailong Elevator is made up of 3 individual elevators with large glass windows.
    Source: Daily Mail

    The Bailong Elevator is made up of three elevators, featuring glass windows making it perfect for gazing out into the open and beautiful scenery. Wlingyuan, Zhangjiajie has one of the most spectacular views in China. The huge quartzite sandstone pillars could pass as a movie location in Lord of the Rings.

    The Bailong Elevator is constructed in a World Heritage Site, stirring up controversy because of this.
    Source: Daily Mail

    The said view and surrounding wilderness is a World Heritage Site. There have actually been some concerns raised by the people of Zhangjiajie and other areas of China and a controversy has stirred as to the environmental impact of the structure.

    The Bailong Elevator opened to the public in 2003.
    Source: Amazing China Trip

    A ride from the bottom to the top will only take you a minute. If you’re not afraid of heights and will be somewhere in China soon, you might wanna drop by the Bailong Elevator and reach new heights – like literally!

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    Dream Job Alert: Japan Is Facing A Ninja Shortage

    An increase in tourism is normally a very good “problem” to have, but lately, in Japan, the increase is actually leading to a shortage of their legendary ninja warriors. While they’re known for being stealthy and “disappearing,” this time, their disappearance is not welcome.

    The increase in tourism has lead to ninja-themed villages and restaurants, leading to a heightened demand for ninja performances. That demand is leading to a shortage, as there just aren’t enough people wanting to be ninjas in Japan.

    “With the number of foreign tourists visiting Japan on the increase, the value of ninja as tourism content has increased,” Takatsugu Aoki, the manager of a martial arts squad, told Japanese newspaper The Asahi Shimbun. “There are more employment choices, while ninja shows across the country have become popular. I feel there is a ninja shortage.”

    Those who do decide to become ninjas lack the basic skills needed for the job, Aoki says. Those skills? Being able to use throwing stars and swords, as well as engage in unarmed combat, acrobatics, concealment and first aid. Despite what you may think, you do not have to have supernatural abilities. No actual vanishing skills needed here, folks.

    Despite any preconceived notions you may have about ninjas, they have actually traditionally been focused more on getting information (or disinformation) than just assassinating people. Today’s ninjas of pop culture may be a bit more PR and less spy-like, but it’s how we think of them today that is leading to this uptick in demand.

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    How One Little Company Is Making Backpacking Cheaper—And More Inclusive

    Darnell Lamont Walker is the sort of guy who’s used to carrying his biography on his back. His idea of traveling is less about staying up on the most posh resorts, and more about seeking out new corners of strange lands, and he spends the majority of his time doing just that.

    Walker picked up a love for backpacking early on, which later turned into his life’s work: now, he runs Passport Required, a travel company that offers a round-trip flight, lodging and spontaneous adventure for less than $900. The company’s website claims it hopes to “make this world smaller, better, and more delicious.” But, Walker has also used it to make the backpacking world more inclusive—a movement that he refers to as “blackpacking.”

    I sat down with Walker to discuss Passport Required’s origins, the nuts and bolts of how their trips actually work, and how he’s worked to tear down stigmas related to backpacking in the black community.

    Darnell Lamont Walker
    GQ: How did you come up with the concept of Passport Required?

    Darnell Lamont Walker: It was a conversation with my friend Justin. I’d just returned from Europe or Africa or South America and was sharing my stories with Justin, and everything I thought was mundane had Justin in tears, sitting on the edge of his seat: the eating of cow hearts and spleens and baby goat pancreas, the being left at the French border for eight hours by a bus driver who never really liked me, and the five hours I can’t account for thanks to a coffee shop in Amsterdam.

    It was all so simple after that. “Why are you not taking people with you and opening them up to the experiences you’ve [had]? This is big.” And Passport Required was born.

    Darnell Lamont Walker

    When did you first get into backpacking? What have your relationships with other Black backpackers been like?
    I can’t remember a time when backpacking wasn’t part of who I was. Even domestically, I was that strange minimalist kid who spent all his money on new hammocks and transportation to strange locations to share spaces with strangers with nothing on my back but a few days worth of clothes and a survival kit.

    I came along relatively late to the global backpacking scene, however, having started when I was 26. It wasn’t a hard transition, but the farther [away from home] I went, the less I ran into slightly familiar faces. Black folks simply weren’t out there in the numbers I’d hoped, and strangely, I wasn’t the only one noticing. Each hostel, campsite, or bus depot I slept in came with the strange stares that are typically appointed to unicorns and leprechauns: “I didn’t think Black people traveled like this.”

    Through Passport Required, you’ve coined the term “Blackpacking.” What were the challenges you faced regarding the lack of representation for backpacking in the black community?
    I had to think back to my own upbringing, remembering the millions of times my brother, mother, grandmother would tell me about the ditches I’d end up in if I went too far away from home. My friends were being fed the same stories. We were all brought up to distrust so much of the world, so going through it with nothing but a back of dirty clothes and a canteen strapped to our backs seems dangerous itself.

    It wasn’t until Passport Required’s first trip—Colombia, in 2015—that I met my first black backpacker, Jasmine. We met in a hostel, and became friends before I even left the check-in counter. She’d been traveling through South America for 11 months and was returning home to the states the following day, and was nervous about the adjustment she knew was coming. There was a bonding that happened in that hostel, away from the folks who didn’t understand just how rare and magic this moment was for us. I wanted all the stories about all the adventures in the jungles and down the rivers and into the oceans, then the stories about how often she’d been asked “why don’t black people travel?”

    Then we talked about those black friends we invited into the world with us but refused to come because our types of travel was “something black people just don’t do. Sleeping in a room with 30 other strangers or on some stranger’s couch in the middle of nowhere makes no sense to them; stepping outside of those comfort zones, they admit, is something they’re not willing to try.

    Darnell Lamont Walker

    What methods have you found to be successful in terms of getting people out of their comfort zones? Has that desire shaped Passport Required’s format?
    What’s been incredibly successful in getting people out of their comfort zones is me pulling them away from what they think is absolutely necessary. I surprise them AFTER they sign up for the trips by telling them they can’t bring anything larger than a backpack, and it can’t weigh more than 20 lbs. This is already unheard of for so many of them, especially when we’re talking about 5-7 days of adventuring in a random world location. But, even before signing up for the trip, I make sure they’ve read over the FAQ’s on the site:

    Are we staying in hostels, hotels, basements, or what?

    One big misconception is that travel always has to be expensive. Is challenging this idea important for you?
    Challenging this [misconception] is extremely important to me because it also challenges the thought that travel is for the privileged classes. Through Passport Required, I’ve found a way to bring the world to those brave enough to travel with me for as little as possible. On one of the most amazing trips, we ran through five countries, slept and ate amazingly well, and spent less than $400. And while I understand $400 isn’t chump change, it is possible. Blackpacking is about using all available resources, and there are so many. I’ve gone to foreign lands with less than $30 in my pocket, stayed for weeks, and returned with more than half that $30. Travel is cheap.

    It’s a good thing I’ve never liked money, and because of that, I make no profit from Passport Required, but I do get an amazing feeling of accomplishment when I open the world up for someone who’s never been in it. You asked me earlier about the representation of black backpackers; I created Passport Required to help create more of us. And it’s been working.

    Darnell Lamont Walker

    How exactly do you make things so cheap? I’m fascinated by how you can go on a trip like this for only $400—is travel included?
    These trips are cheap because they are for the true adventurers, those who could hop in the back of a chicken truck and think nothing of it, although that hasn’t yet happened. We’re open to hostels, couch surfing, and going with the wind. And as a solo traveler, I was able to connect with countless people around the world who taught me their travel hacks. We’re often not opposed to having a few layovers, because it means we get to adventure in random cities on our way to our destination. Isn’t the journey there just as fun as reaching, after all? I’ve spent enough time traveling the world and listening others, that I know the perfect time to fly Asia and to Africa and to Europe. Our last trip was a road trip through Italy and France, a flight to Amsterdam, a drive to Belgium, a bus to Copenhagen, then back home in 9 days. Not many people want to travel to Europe when it’s still slightly-thick coat weather, so I knew the tickets would be low. But who doesn’t want to experience April in Paris? I stress that one of the points of travel is to exchange stories with strangers. Some of these strangers have become like family, and when I tell them I’m coming to their city with a group of 6, they immediately say “I will feed you” or “please stay at my place. I’d love to host you.” Our adventurous souls keep our costs low. I guess I’ve given away the secret, hey?

    What do you always take with you when you travel? What piece of clothing do you rely on most when you travel?
    I once arrived to the airport and realized I didn’t have my clothes, but I had my backpack with my camera, laptop, a book (Giovanni’s Room by James Baldwin), and my journal. I need those things, always. Clothing is always optional, but when I remember to bring them, I always have one of my infamous travel hoodies because of the versatility. Hoodies protect against all the elements (well, except for racist white men in Florida).

    This interview has been edited and condensed.

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    Mum ‘Facing Prison’ If She Doesn’t Vaccinate Her Nine-Year-Old Boy

    A MUM has revealed she could be caged if she does not vaccinate her son in two weeks.

    Rebecca Bredow, from Detroit, Michigan, said she “feels like her rights as a parent have been taken away”.

     Rebecca was locked in the dispute with her ex-husband before the case was taken to court
    Rebecca was locked in the dispute with her ex-husband before the case was taken to court
     Rebecca's nine-year-old son pictured going to school in Michigan
    Rebecca’s nine-year-old son pictured going to school in Michigan

    Oakland County Court heard Rebecca was first asked to immunise her child in September last year, ABC News reports.

    Initially, she and her ex-husband, Jason Horne, agreed the child would not have all his vaccines during a short space of time.

    But after docs “grouped the immunisations together”, the mum of two changed her mind.

    Ms Bredow told WXYZ she would rather go to prison than back down on something she believes in.

    “I believe in the choice of the parent to make the right decision based on their knowledge of vaccines,” she said.

    “I feel angry. I feel backed into a corner.”

     Rebecca Bredow has revealed she could face jail in the next two weeks if she does not vaccinate her son
    Rebecca Bredow has revealed she could face jail in the next two weeks if she does not vaccinate her son

    Rebecca said she had applied for a “waiver” which allows parents to refuse immunisations on the grounds of “religious convictions or other objections”.

    Michigan schools require students to receive vaccinations before entering Kindergarten, and up until 7th grade, year 8.

    Her husband’s lawyer, said the case was not “truly about vaccinations”.

    Benton G. Richardson told the broadcaster: “It is a case about Ms Bredow refusing to comport with any number of the court’s orders and actively seeking to frustrate Mr Horne’s joint legal custody rights.”

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    Mum-Of-10 Left Looking ‘Like Crabstick’ After Using Daughter’s Red Hair Dye By Mistake

    A mum-of-ten claims she was left looking ‘like a crabstick’ after she unwittingly used her daughter’s red hair dye in an unfortunate bathroom mishap.

    Kerrie Henderson was unaware when she washed her hair with conditioner it would leave her with a bright pinky-orange colour.

    The 44-year-old, who has been colouring her hair blonde for a year, accidentally applied her daughter Kiera McLean’s red hair dye while taking a bath last Tuesday.

    It was only when her six-year-old daughter Amelia pointed at her hair that Kerrie realised her unfortunate mishap.

    Kerrie, of Stockport, Greater Manchester, said: “I honestly nearly died. I just thought oh my God.

    She was left with pinky-orange coloured hair (Image: Mercury Press)
    “Amelia came into the bathroom after I had got out and she told me I had pink hair. I didn’t believe her.

    “I knew the bath water had a red cast to it but I thought it was just from the bubble bath I had used.

    “I just told her it was my bubble bath and left it at that.

    “But she kept saying that it was pink so I went to rinse my hair just in case and then I saw the red running into the bath and I realised my hair must have been dyed pink.

    “The water was bright red coming from my hair.

    “I didn’t think it would be that bright as I only had the conditioner on for a matter of minutes.

    Kerrie Henderson has been dying her hair blonde for a year (Image: Mercury Press)
    “Then I looked in the mirror and realised how bright it was, at first I text Kiera but then I realised she needed to see it so I video called her.

    “I’ve been trying for around 12 months now to get my hair back to a blonde as I love having blonde hair but that’s not going to happen for a while now.

    “My husband wasn’t too impressed either, I did shout him into the bathroom and he came in and just asked what I wanted him to do about it.

    “I’m not a huge fan of all the crazy colours Kiera dyes her hair, so I didn’t really want pink hair myself.”

    Student Kiera, 24, was at a friend’s house when she received the phone call and confesses she couldn’t stop laughing at her mum’s new hair colour.

    Kerrie accidentally used her daughter’s red hair dye (Image: Mercury Press)

    Kiera said: “My mum messaged me at first and said she had used my conditioner and it had dyed her hair.

    “I thought it would have just been a slight cast but then she video called me.

    “I couldn’t stop laughing, I nearly wet myself from laughing.

    “It looked the same colour as a crabstick on the screen but I think it’s a lot brighter than that.

    “I was in so much trouble, in fact I still am in trouble.

    “I can’t have any conditioner in the bathroom now, I’m banned from it.

    “We have a really big family though so there are that many different bottles in there you don’t know who owns which one.

    Kiera left the hair dye in the conditioner bottle used by Kerrie (Image: Mercury Press)

    “The colour wasn’t actually that bad. But because she just threw it on like you would with conditioner it was quite patchy.

    “Plus, she doesn’t put conditioner on the roots so it was really bright at the end but light at the top.”

    The next day Kerrie was forced to use bright purple in a bid to try and cover up her accidental dye job.

    Kerrie said: “The next morning I just chucked my hair up to try and hide how patchy it was and went to the local supermarket to try and find something to cover it up.

    “Kiera said that my hair would be too weak to bleach to try and go back blonde so I had to find a darker colour from a box.

    “I got to the supermarket and they didn’t have any colours that I was that keen on.

    “It’s a dark purple but it’s quite bright so I’m not majorly pleased with it.

    “But it is better than the patchy pink it was before.”

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    Man Buys 10,000 Undeveloped Negatives And Discovers One Of The Most Important Street Photographers In History

    A man went to a local auction and bought 10,000 undeveloped negatives and discovered one of the most important street photographers in history – Vivian Maier. She is considered to be one of the most talented street photographers of the mid 20th century, with photos taken in the 50’s and 60’s in New York, Chicago and Florida.

    The huge enigma behind Vivian Maier’s work, who was a nanny and photographer, is that she kept all her street snapshots to herself and she was completely unknown until her death.

    Historical hobbyist John Maloof is the man that purchased the 10,000 undeveloped negatives at a local auction for $380, in 2007. After he started developing the negatives, he was simply stunned by the amazing street photographs he found inside the box.

    The beauty of Vivian Maier’s work lies inside the places where she chose to take street snapshots, covering all the bad and shady neighborhoods of New York and Chicago from the 1950’s and 1960’s.

    John Maloof started looking for Vivian Maier, trying to track her down, and he stumbled upon her obituary in 2009, in a newspaper. She slipped on ice and died at 83, after a head injury, because she never fully recovered.

    John also started a documentary about the very enigmatic Vivian Maier and her work was exposed in a lot of prestigious galleries from London, New York, Oslo, Hamburg, Los Angeles, given her the well-deserved credit she never received throughout her lifetime.


    Vivian Maier – One of the Most Important Street Photographers in History
    Vivian Maier – One of the Most Important Street Photographers in History
    Vivian Maier – One of the Most Important Street Photographers in History
    Vivian Maier – One of the Most Important Street Photographers in History
    Vivian Maier – One of the Most Important Street Photographers in History
    Vivian Maier – One of the Most Important Street Photographers in History
    Self Portrait of Vivian Maier – One of the Most Important Street Photographers in History
    Undated, New York, NY
    Undated, New York, NY
    April 7, 1960. Florida
    April 7, 1960. Florida
    Undated, Chicago, IL
    Undated, Chicago, IL
    Undated, New York, NY
    Undated, New York, NY
    Vivian Maier – One of the Most Important Street Photographers in History
    1960s. Chicago, IL
    1960s. Chicago, IL
    1954, New York, NY
    1954, New York, NY
    1954, New York, NY
    1954, New York, NY
    Maxwell Street, Chicago, IL. 1962
    Maxwell Street, Chicago, IL. 1962

    Surf the gallery above to view the street photographs taken by Vivian Maier in the 50’s and 60’s in New York, Chicago and Florida, and get a glimpse of what lied inside the mind and vision of one of the most important street photographers in history.

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    How To Grow Ginger In A Container

    There are a few spices that grow well in containers right at home, and ginger happens to be one of them. Popular in tasty Asian dishes and in many favorite baked treats, ginger adds zingy flavor to culinary delights of all sorts. And, ginger is super easy to grow in a container. In fact, it’s so easy to grow; you may not be able to stop yourself from running out today to get this simple gardening project started. You can have fresh ginger available to add to your own recipes in no time flat.

    Ginger has been a useful plant since before historical records even began. It’s believed to originate in India. It’s been a popular spice on the worldwide scale, second only to pepper, throughout time.

    The ginger plant’s adaptability has allowed the most humble of folks all the way to the fancy rulers to enjoy it throughout history. For example, Queen Elizabeth I (1533-1603) is credited with enjoying the appearance of gingerbread men popular still today at Christmastime. Ginger’s rich history goes right along with its impressionable flavor, and millions continue to enjoy its flavor and its medicinal properties today.

    ginger harvest


    The healthiest ginger plants are grown from reputable nurseries or from quality online gardening sources. But a ginger root can also be purchased from your local grocery store. Grocery store ginger roots may be coated with a growth inhibitor, which prevent it from sprouting in the grocery store. Grocery ginger root may also be treated with fungicides and/or pesticides. So, to clean your ginger, soak your new ginger root for 24 hours before slicing it up to plant.

    Choose a wide, flat container to plant. Ginger’s roots grow horizontally, so width is more important than depth. Containers that are small enough to easily be moved inside and out are the perfect choice for ginger. Fill your container with a rich potting soil that will drain well.

    Slice your ginger knob, into thin pieces. Select pieces of the knob that have “eyes” on them. Eyes are indentations in the surface of the root, where sprout will begin. Place the piece of ginger with the eyes facing up into the soil, and cover with about and inch and a half of soil.


    Water your ginger well in the early stages of planting. Continue to water or spray your plant’s soil often to keep the soil moist but not soggy. And be patient. Ginger can take several weeks to sprout.

    Ginger is a good plant to enjoy indoors in colder climates. While it will enjoy the outdoors during warm months, any frost will kill a ginger plant. Choose a location with indirect light for your ginger.

    After about eight months, your ginger plant will be mature. At that point, you can separate the rhizomes by pulling off a section of the plant including a piece of the rhizome. Transplanting is as easy as setting that rhizome into a new container of soil. Ginger is an easy root to share with a friend.


    Although the ginger plant may take many months to mature, you can harvest ginger when the plant is three or four months old. When you push away the soil from around the rhizome, you’ll notice that ginger rhizomes look knobby. You will also see roots reaching outward and downward from the rhizome. The rhizome is the edible portion of ginger. The roots can be cleaned off as you clean the rhizome to eat.

    To enjoy a bit of ginger, simply uncover a piece of rhizome, and trim off one of the finger-like extensions. You can harvest ginger in this manner anytime you wish. However, you may find that you love it so much that you’ll need more than one rhizome planted at a time. You can alternate snipping from your plants if you grow more than one.

    Before you eat ginger, you should rinse it and peel the skin off with a potato peeler. Then, enjoy your ginger freshly sliced or grated. Or, dry your ginger by slicing it paper thin and setting it on a baking sheet. Place the baking sheet in an oven or outside in a dry, sunny location. Ginger may take several hours or several days to dry. When it’s completely dried, it can safely be stored in plastic bags. You can also grate your dried ginger with a coffee grinder. Grated ginger is a delicious result of an easy gardening project!