Ever Seen A Massive Goliath Grouper Swallow A Shark? You Can Now!

So this is one strange sight to see, but is honestly well worth watching!

We know that when we’re out to sea fishing, there will always be a chance of other predators lurking down below our catches, hoping to grab easy pickings off the line from our hard earned catch. This has happened to many a fisherman, and its usually a shark to blame, who use their cunning to spot a weakened fish from afar and wait patiently until the right moment strikes, and they’ve found themselves a meal.

But what happens, when what you have on the line is a shark itself?

As it turns out, the incredible is what happens! This guy had himself a nice catch on the line, off the coast of Bonita Springs, Florida. A roughly 4 foot long Black Tip Shark that was just waiting to be pulled on board. Of course the Black Tip had some fight in it left, and wouldn’t go quietly into the night, causing a bit of a commotion atop the water. Well it was the right amount of commotion to earn itself some undersea predatory attention…

Suddenly a massive Atlantic Goliath grouper whose eye had been caught by the Black Tip shark surfaced from below, and began circling the shark, preparing for his next meal. The fight continued on for a little while longer, until the the grouper decided he had had enough waiting. The grouper struck without mercy, swallowing the entire shark in one bite!