How NOT To Approach A Photograper If You’re An ‘Influencer’

There will always be people who are happy to take advantage of others, and this is very true when it comes to photography. Justin Rosenberg lets us see a few texts from well known people who just thought that they could ‘get for free’.

It is absolutely awful that the people who impose on photographers to work for free, or ‘for your own promo’ are likely to have more than enough money to pay for a service!

What is even more disgusting to think is that having asked the photographer to work for free, and received the reply they deserve, they have most likely moved on to the next one, and on again, until finally some sucker agreed to be used for free.

It seems that this happens way too often, with people having no respect for others and the fact that they are trying to make a living from photography. They too need to pay rent and bills, and it is an insult to expect them to work for free. Some people!

Thank you Justin for sharing your story. Be sure to see more of Justin’s work on his website and Instagram.

Source: PetaPixel