Latest State Record Sunfish Caught In Missouri On A Throwline

Normally when it comes to ‘big fish’ records, you may think of largemouth bass or even pike, but you may not ever think of sunfish! James Lucas set a new record for the sunfish when he landed one, weighing in at one pound, one ounce! While you may smile at the new record, you should consider that the way this record was set was somewhat different to using a rod and reel.

The use of a throwline means that the fisherman does not even have a rod and reel. The line is baited and simply tossed into the water. It is often referred to as the ‘alternative’ record, because of the different technique used.

James was fishing on a private pond in Lincoln county, when he felt the tug at the line and pulled up the ‘monster’.


Lucas says that he likes to use it because it is very challenging, and there is a certain amount of skill involved with it. It is actually a very primitive way to fish, and was the way fishing was done before rods and reels were invented.

The previous record stood at just 6 ounces, so James has a good reason to be proud of his new record!

Source: Wide Open Spaces