Man Shouts Down Hole In The Woods, Gets Reply Back

When you shout into caves, you expect to get echoes of your own voice coming back. This was not the case with Izaak Eglington-Watts, a teenager from Plymouth, who was out walking with his friend Emily Thompson. They discovered a strange looking cave and Izaak decided to shout into it.

To his horror, instead of an echo, he got a reply back! It was the voice of James Thompson, who had last been seen a month ago. Horrified at what he might find, Izaak called on two runners to help him. It turned out that 51 year old James had been stuck down the hole for at least a week and a half, after crawling there because he was injured.

“I was absolutely terrified. I did not expect a response back, but I am so happy he has been found,” Izaak said.

“It was only out of curiosity that I went and had a look down it; I didn’t think anything was going to be inside it.”

“I climbed down into it and asked Emily if she wanted to come in as well, but she said no. I kept shouting ‘hello’ over and over again to hear it echo, just out of fun and to make Emily jump,” he continues.

“Then I climbed up into another section which lead into another hole and shouted hello again, which is when I got a reply back. It obviously scared me as it was pitch black down there, and all I had was my phone flash, but I couldn’t really see anything.”

“We walked back up to get away from the area, but she still didn’t believe me that I’d heard somebody, so I said I would go back and record it to prove it to her.”

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This is the area inside where James Thompson was found who had been missing from his home in Plympton

The video gives an idea of what the weird looking cave looked like and the horror of hearing a human voice. Izaak went down into the cave with only his phone as light, and found the cave in total darkness. Emily declined to follow him down. One section led to another and it was then that he heard the reply.

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Izaak Eglington-Watts in the Plymbridge Woods in Devon, where he found James Thompson, who had been missing for nearly a month

Emaciated and dehydrated, James was close to death when Izaak found him. He was very lucky to be alive, and very grateful that Izaak had called into the cave. It was traumatic enough being injured, but being stuck in a cave, thinking he would die there, was a horrific experience for James.

Izaak says that he expected to find rats or pigeons down there, but definitely did not expect a man to answer.