Scientists Finally Tells Us How Cats Want To Be Petted

Have you ever wondered why you get one response from your cat when you pet it, and teeth, claws and hisses when you pet it another way? Turns out there is a difference in the way we should pet our cats, and a very definite way that the cat likes to be petted and not petted.

Researchers from the UK University of Lincoln have found out that there are areas on the cat’s body which will get a positive response to petting, while there are others which will bring out a the ‘nasty’ in the cat!

The bottom line – they discovered – is that it is best to leave the cat’s tail alone. Cats do not like having their tails touched. No matter how familiar the petter was with the cat, they still did not like their tail petted.

The study found that the best place to pet a cat was between the eyes and ears. It did not matter which were touched first, the cats did not seem to mind. Neither did they mind if they were then stroked on their bodies.

One very strange thing that came to light was that any negative responses the cats showed, was greater towards their owners than towards strangers who petted them. It also showed that cats who did not like being petted, and who allowed their owners to pet them, were actually very stressed out cats.

Take into account the next time you feel tempted to stroke your cat’s tail, and perhaps go for the head between the eyes and ears first. Less chance of feeling those claws when Fluffy objects to having her tail touched!